A Seller’s Idea!

A Seller's Idea!Selling a house? Real estate not exactly flying off the shelves in your area? Have you lowered your price, painted the house and planted some new flowers but still nothing? Your agent can help properly price your home and make suggestions as to ways to quicken the sale but sometimes the market is just, well, not responding as well as you’d like.

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Spruce Up Your Home Before Selling It

Spruce Up Your Home Before Selling ItYou have decided to put your abode on homes for sale lists and want it to go for a great price. You’re aware too that before you put it up in the market, you need to spruce it up to impress potential buyers and convince them take it for your price (or even more!). Fortunately, there are many ways to do that without spending big bucks. All you need is little creativity and knack for style.

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How To Maximize Profit Selling Your Home

How To Maximize Profit Selling Your HomeDo you want to make sure that someone will buy the property you’re selling right away?

You have two options: you can either offer it at a price that is within the range of foreclosed homes or simply make the home more visually appealing. The second option is better because it is likely to attract more offers. Why is that so? Homebuyers in general are either searching for a great Continue reading

When Should I Sell My House Fast To A Professional Home Buyer

When Should I Sell My House Fast To A Professional Home BuyerDepending on your selling situation, selling your home to a professional home buyer can be the right selling decision. As with other home selling options, selling your home to a real estate investor has benefits.

Some of the great benefits of selling your house to a professional property buyer: You are able to sell your house fast on the date or your choice, you do not have to pay large Continue reading

Premier Tenant Forms

Premier Tenant FormsFinding a solid investment in this economy is anything if not daunting, with so much turmoil in the stock market investment properties have taken on a new light. By having the proper tenant forms in place you can leverage the opportunity to your benefit. Think of yourself as a bank and you are offering credit in the form of space in your property, the fee you charge for this service is called rent, A bank wouldn’t Continue reading

Protect Yourself When You Lease Option a Home!

Protect Yourself When You Lease Option a Home!Not a week goes by where I don’t hear about someone getting taken advantage of in today’s real estate market.

Typically the story goes something like this.

Three months ago, a family of four found their dream home. It had everything they wanted. Luckily, even though they didn’t qualify for a mortgage, the owner was willing to Lease Option the home to them!

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What Is An Unlawful Eviction?

What Is An Unlawful Eviction?An unlawful or illegal eviction occurs whenever a landlord evicts his or her tenant for no reason, disregarding the law. Often, illegal evictions involve physical or verbal abuse and are not carried out according to the legal process set in place. Being a criminal offence, an unlawful eviction is punished by the law – any tenant that is kicked out of the property while his or her tenancy is still Continue reading

How to Stage Your Home For a Quick Sale

How to Stage Your Home For a Quick SaleStaging your home for a quick sale, is as important as picking the right realtor to represent your home. It is imperative that your home appears clean, warm, and inviting. This peaks the potential buyer’s curiosity giving them the desire to see more of the house as they move from room to room. Proper staging and tasteful decor is what could make or break a deal.

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